Who's We, White Man?

I think I forked this from a merged ghost page. If this happened I will experience a kind of rapture. -- Kate Bowles

This is a well-known joke attributed to MAD cartoonist E Nelson Bridwell in 1958, as part of the TV Scenes We'd Like to See feature.

The Lone Ranger and his companion Tonto are surrounded by Indians. "Well Tonto," says the Lone Ranger. "It looks like we're finished." To which Tonto sensibly replies: "What you mean, WE?"

The joke was replayed in the 1970s by cartoonist Alan Hanley, this time referring to Star Trek.

Language: the gift that keeps on giving.

Federated Wiki opens up this gift again and again. Sometimes there's a "we". Sometimes this "we" speaks to others as "you". Sometimes the "we" reveals itself as an "I", an on-behalf-of voice--but on behalf of how many?

This is an exceptionally complicated practice of hospitality.