Stigmergic Browsing

Stigmergy was coined in 1959 by Pierre Paul Grasse to describe the means by which social insects (in the original case, termites) achieve collective action without coordination. This is done by individual acts of marking, that signal to following individuals that there is work to be done, hence stigmergy: signs of work.

Common web browsers provide the ability to mark visited links in a different colour. This can help reduce digging too deep while reading into a context.

Leaving traces while moving already helped Hansel and Gretel to find a way back.

Fedwiki supports awareness of context by opening new pages at the right of the current page.

In Fedwiki the link is a mark that there is a turn to be taken, where there may also be work to be done; and the fork is a sign that someone has passed that way and found something valuable enough to keep.