Slow Technology

This is a stub from a note about Things To Do With Washing Lines.

Are there other examples of machines that work as slow technologies, either inadvertently or by design?

There is a sense here that technology is slow or at least moves in fits and starts but needs/wants to portray itself as fast. I think that the trope of 'Disruptive Innovation' is a confuser. I will try to think about examples of machines that work as slow technologies and report back but just wanted to get that stuff off my chest.

Pedal power is an example of a slow technology that is happy to portray itself as slow but paradoxically, the startup may also see itself as an example of disruptive innovation.

Slow Art is another slow movement where the creation and engagement with art is slowed down.

As an alternative frame, we might explore ideas of Disruptive Inefficiency, for practices, models and technologies that disrupt the market logic of scale, speed and frictionless processing.