Kate's Ghost Story

This is a ghost story about identity, fog, and boats.

(At the beginning of the 1975 version of The Land That Time Forgot, handsome square-jawed Doug McClure is adrift in a lifeboat with a fainting girl. Their boat is surrounded by fog. In the fog they hear the sounds of another boat. Calling ensues. More survivors. They join forces. Now they have two boats, sort of. In the fog they hear the sounds of another vessel. It's the U-Boat that sunk them. They take over the U-Boat. Now they have three boats, sort of. And they all have to work out who belongs to which group, especially as they all keep intermittently taking over the U-boat. Finally, they enter the land that time forgot and have much bigger things to worry about. Cue dinosaurs.)

This morning I woke up to find that Jenny Mackness had forked a page I wrote in which I had left an unfinished sentence, and Mike Caulfield had forked it from her. Each had added a comment. My unfinished sentence sat like a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of both.

The page, if you're interested, is Who's We White Man?

I changed the version on my site, and then sat for a bit thinking: hey, wait, merging journals, that's a thing.

So I merged the journals of the original and Mike's: the third. A ghost page appeared, as I expected.

I tapped the forking flag of the ghost page optimistically. Nothing.

I edited the ghost page to leave a comment, noting what I'd done, and tapped the forking flag again, just in case. Nothing.

I went back to Conversation Clubs, and then back to the page.

Aha. Now the version of the page on my site contains (a) my edit and (b) my comment, but flipped to the top and (c) none of the changes Jenny and Mike had made.