Hygge is a Danish term that is considered by some to be hard to translate, and that has come to signify a critical dimension to Danish design and lifestyle. It's close to the English word "coziness" but this is a limiting approach to it.

Here a translator describes it:


It is a state of mind as much as it is an experience. Hygge sums up the mood and ambiance of a situation. Oftentimes hygge is experienced during the cold Danish winter evenings when candles are lit on the coffee table, a good movie is on the TV and you are cuddled on the couch with your loved one. Hygge is the feeling you get during the holidays when your house is full of family, traditions and all the right ingredients to make memories that last a lifetime. Hygge is going for a walk on a warm summer day, stopping by the ice cream shop by the fjord to get a homemade cone while you watch the big sailboats. link

end quote

This suggests to me that hygge has to do with practices of hospitality, both in terms of "when your house is full" and "going for a walk" in the world. It's important to us to remember that hospitality is the practice that connects inviting in to going out.