Hospitality Journal

This journal is a handstitched collection of fedwiki notes on the relevance of ideas of hospitality and shareable language to the studio practice of federated wiki. Who do we become, when we work alongside one another in a practice of mutual hospitality?

Introduction of the idea of hospitality from Dufourmantelle and Derrida's On Hospitality

First revision of the relevance of Derrida's ideas on hospitality to the practice of federated wiki thinking

According to Derrida, the first violence to foreigners is requiring them to understand a foreign language. While this may be obvious in mundane cases, Derrida's point is more general.

A scene from Ondaatje's 'In the Skin of a Lion' (1987) discussing the experience of immigrants to Toronto in the 1920s learning new languages

Looks at the different ways in which newcomers are welcomed into online community conversations, comparing email to wiki

Major revision of the idea of Absolute Hospitality to focus on the hospitable web.

Ezra Klein writes about the struggle of being a blogger in a world where social media pushes disposable engagement. html

Extending Derrida's model of language learning as a practice of violence to foreigners to technology uptake, looking at the work of Ciborra and Coleman

Computer programmers discovered that how they named things didn't matter to the computer but it did matter to readers of the program's source. Revising a program to make it read better but otherwise be unchanged has been called Refactoring.

In "Recovering the Vernacular" (2014) Thomas Fitzgerald makes the case for recovering vernacular language from its enclosure and subsumption under the grammar of governance. link

Four distinct concerns surface when designing federated wiki based information communities. We identify each and suggest forces that must be resolved before creative collaboration will take place.

On the practice of fedwiki editing as hospitable attention, even in the case of differing views or values.