Army Alpha

Army Alpha, the 1917 version. source

Army Alpha test: Incredible that this was seen as a test of raw intelligence at the time (1921). How many poor people of the time knew the location of Cornell? That Carrie Nation was a temperance agitator? That Alfred Noyes was a poet? html

Even more incredible: the Army Beta test, which was based entirely in pictures and designed for those who were not literate in English. The test asked users to identify missing parts from sketch drawings of common objects or pastimes. Look, that tennis court has no net! But what on earth is missing from the woman seated at her dressing table powdering her face?

The Army Alpha and Beta tests were adaptations from the Stanford Binet test in its original 1917 version. They were part of a larger repertoire of testing instruments that were designed to streamline the process of recruitment into the army, and to address the perceived deficiencies of some parts of the army.